About us

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  • WeddingFlipFlops.co.uk are the largest and most trusted supplier within the UK for wedding flip flops. We cater for the most discerning of brides who wish to purchase wedding flip flops as favours for their guests.

  • We have been established for a number of years supplying flip flops for weddings, hen parties, nightclubs, birthday and beach parties. We understand how important it is to get every last detail right for that perfect day, and we feel that adding flip flops to the dance floor is one of those final touches to make all the guests (and bride and groom) very happy.
  • Whatever you have planned - a party, a luxurious spa day, or kicking off your heels and painting the town red, Wedding Flip Flops can help you out! 
  • More and more unique party favours are appearing at weddings and providing flip flops to wear has become very popular, as new shoes worn all day, and often bought especially for the wedding, start to pinch and make for sore and tired feet.
  • Dancing in bare feet very often happens at weddings too, but can be hazardous, with spilled drinks, gravel outside and possibly even broken glass (accidents do happen) so providing wedding flip flops is a fantastic way to protect your guests feet. 
  • Do let us know if there is anything we can help you with, and please send us photos of your big day with the flip flops! Thank you for visiting WeddingFlipFlops.co.uk and we hope your life together will be filled with joy, happiness and lots of love!