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The UK's favourite Wedding Flip Flops store. Here you will find our best selling Wedding Flip Flops, perfect for every wedding, party or special occasion, when tired and weary feet need a break from shoes.

Wedding Flip Flops don't just make an excellent and welcome wedding favour, they take good care of your guests too, especially if they're walking around in bare feet (which very often happens at the wedding reception, with new shoes bought for a wedding).

Flip Flops prevent your guests walking on often unseen hazards that may be found on the dance floor or around the venue, spilled drinks, broken glass (accidents do happen), gravel driveways and many other non foot friendly surfaces.

Wedding Flip Flops, the essential and most perfect wedding favour! Buy yours here today...


Wedding Flip Flops

Watch our wedding flip flops being used by the bridesmaids and guests at a real wedding. We would like to thank Paul and Amy for letting us use this footage.

The flip flops were worn by all of the guests to relieve their tired and aching feet after wearing their heels all day, as you can see, they were very much appreciated!

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