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Zohula Originals Sky Blue Flip Flops - Bulk Buy - 10-100 Pairs

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10 Pairs - [Sx2 Mx5 Lx3]
20 Pairs - [Sx4 Mx10 Lx6]
30 Pairs - [Sx6 Mx15 Lx9]
40 Pairs - [Sx8 Mx20 Lx12]
50 Pairs - [Sx10 Mx25 Lx15]
60 Pairs - [Sx12 Mx30 Lx18]
80 Pairs - [Sx16 Mx40 Lx24]
100 Pairs - [Sx20 Mx50 Lx30]


Zohula Originals Flip Flops

Zohula Flip Flops are lightweight and have a soft sole making them very comfortable to wear, suitable for wearing all day and all night.

Perfect for Weddings, Parties and Events.

Available in 3 different sizes, packed in boxes of 10 pairs:-

Small (S) UK 3-4 (EU 35-37)
Medium (M) UK 5-6 (EU 38-39)
Large (L) UK 7-8 (EU 40-42)

Each pair is individually and hygienically wrapped



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